Our Services

Transaction Advisory
Greenfield Advisors Limited (GAL) is an independent Transaction Advisory and Alternative Investment Company with a reputation for innovation and execution diligence in Nigeria, West Africa. Our principals have led and/or participated in numerous landmark mandates in Nigeria including IPOs, Schemes of Arrangements, Acquisitions, Bank Mergers, Privatizations and Bond Issuances to mention a few, and similarly participated in expert committees and the drafting of the current investment laws of Nigeria.
Whether you desire to buy or sell a business entity, participate in the on-going privatization of State-Owned Enterprises, raise growth capital or project finance, or perhaps you wish to be advised on corporate finance decisions which your institution may be confronted with – Greenfield Advisors Limited is your preferred and reliable provider of independent Corporate Finance advice and services.
Our approach is driven by our sector expertise in key domestic industries such as Financial Services, ICT, Infrastructure & Real Estate, Mining and Agriculture. We will be pleased to put our considerable technical and relationship resources at your institution’s disposal in pursuit of your commercial aspirations in the high-growth West African economic region particularly in Nigeria.
Driven by superior human capital and inherent fee competitiveness, our research-based work programmes are designed to deliver time-efficient transaction outcomes working in close conjunction with relevant members of your team. This approach thus helps to compensate for the vagaries of the operating terrain which while offering game-changing opportunities equally harbours layers of hidden risks and avoidable expenses.
At your request, Greenfield Advisors Limited would be pleased to submit a detailed proposal that addresses the issues confronting your enterprise and how we might be of impactful service (after an initial briefing or exploratory meeting).
Venture Capital

Our institution is of the strong conviction that without access to the funding (seed, start-up and early stage capital), management support, strategy inputs and mentoring which a focused venture capital enterprise such as ours can provide, many viable business upstarts in Nigeria may never be able to prove their concepts and achieve mass market acceptance for their products and services.

Many entrepreneurs who have already developed their product offering may similarly be desirous of working with us to seamlessly accomplish their corporate evolution by using expansion and/or replacement capital to further expand their product suite, achieve economies of scale, pay down costly debt and gain presence in geographical markets and/or customer segments which they were hitherto incapable of accessing.
We seek to play an involved and instrumental role in the development of a 'conveyor belt' or 'production line' of the next-generation of sector champions or firms with market leadership and export potential in high-growth sectors in Nigeria.
Greenfield Advisors Limited is always keen to identify and collaborate with promising start-ups and established businesses requiring growth capital, mentoring and technical support. This is because we have observed the dearth of new listings on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and we fully appreciate the crucial importance of small and medium-sized businesses in the deepening of the domestic economy in the long-term.
Our commercial strategy in the Venture Capital space is to;
  • Advise and/or seed qualifying investee companies.
  • Help develop investees for follow-on financing
  • Intermediate between users and providers of venture financing
  • Help nurture these enterprises by enhancing their processes in aid of value creation
  • Take stakes in future champions
We intend to add value across the entire value-chain and will seek to be in position to help develop these companies and position them for more advanced stages of their corporate life-cycle.
Private Equity
In partnership with local and International associates, Greenfield Advisors Limited is seeking to establish a sub-regional $200 million Private Equity Fund. The Greenfield West African Private Fund (WAPE) is a multi-theme regional PE Fund designed to provide investors lucrative exposures to the broad upside potential of what has recently been described as the 'epicentre future global revenue growth'.
The Fund will target lucrative private equity investments in the West African economic region, taking significant stakes in service entities, manufacturing and basic industries.
The West African region has consistently experienced high rates of economic growth relative to global averages in the recent past occassioned by sustained economic reforms, political stability and high commodity prices.
Given the relative infancy of the local VC/PE industry and the opportunities presented by the relative paucity of risk/capital, our Fund will seek to broadly focus on opportunities across venture, debt/quasi-equity, buy-out, infrastructure and real estate themes while nonetheless adhering to a pre-defined policy asset mix. The fund will operate an independent management team.
Our principals have access to some of the best investment prospects in the domestic economy having been exposed to business dynamics within the local and global market on account of participation in landmark transactions; and we also possess a strong network of local and international partners and associates following successful participation in high value deals, expert committees and global industry events.