Disciplined Investment Process

  • At the core of our operating philosophy is a disciplined investment process hinged on a rigorous investment acceptance criteria
  • We begin by defining (based on an evolving understanding of socio-economic trends and market preferences) the core sectors/ industries which offers the best prospects for superior investment return having regard to available expertise and resources
  • Then we determine what points to target within the industry value chain and which firms and /or customer segments to address our efforts towards
  • Only a handful of the numerous deal opportunities we appraise stand the chance of resulting in actual investment; on account of the realities of stringent due diligence, business planning, enterprise valuation, negotiation and ESG Standards which each successful investment must conform to.
  • Once we’ve made the investment, the investee company is usually then able to leverage on our unique abilities, industry networks and mentoring capabilities to drive process overhaul, business development and operating efficiency thus enhancing enterprise value, revenues and stakeholders satisfaction.



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